Have you ever met ‘Someone Great’?

Have you ever met Someone Great?

The Netflix original movie “Someone Great” came out on April 19, 2019. Love, grief, heartbreak, and healing are all huge components in this movie. An aspiring journalist, Jenny, takes on one last experience with her dear friends, Blair and Erin, before moving to San Francisco. Her long-term boyfriend, Nate, dumped her after Jenny had gotten the job in San Francisco instead of trying long-distance. Growth and love conquer the pathway Jenny builds for herself on this adventure.

All of the actors and actresses did an incredible job. Brittany Snow as Blair, and DeWanda Wise as Erin, portrayed their characters’ personalities perfectly. Erin and Blair were both huge roles in Jenny’s healing process and the caring, bubbly personalities brought out happiness from Jenny. “Someone Great” is supposed to be about one last friendship adventure between Jenny, Blair, and Erin. The movie is not supposed to be completely centered on Jenny’s breakup but there are still those bits that you can see her pain through. The writers and director did a great job at showing those moments of relief and fun being taken away within a quick second. Small reminders in public can shift your whole mood. I loved the flashbacks of Nate and Jenny’s relationship; fighting in the rain; showing affection towards another in private. The evolution of the good and bad memories slightly show her moving on.

The music choice used for Jenny’s heartbreak was very real. One of the songs played was “Truth Hurts”  by Lizzo. It looks as if Jenny is mad and happy during this scene but still hurting. You can tell she is in denial. There is a quick switch after that song to a one called “Mansard Roof” by Vampire Weekend.” Memories flood back to her and it changes the tone. 

To those lost souls trying to find their way back to themselves, “Someone Great” is definitely for you! This movie helps you find an understanding of how to start your healing journey. It feels nice to see what other people are going through and how they turned it around. I do not recommend this movie to anyone who dislikes character studies. “Someone Great” focuses on Jenny and her last adventure in the city while dealing with her devastating breakup. This film is rated R so watch at your own discretion. Overall, I would rate this movie a 5/5 stars. I thought it was amazing and truthful.