Delightful Dominick


Dominick Brink is currently a sophomore. He was born on May 31, 2007, in Erie, PA, in Lecom Hospital. He is the oldest of his family with his younger brother Jackson Brink who is currently an 8th grader. He is currently in the Corry Area Middle-High School marching band where he is actively practicing and is currently playing snare drum, he also plays the baritone saxophone as a hobby and experiments with various amounts of instruments. He has also qualified for district band playing his drum along with Easton Barber (bass drum) and Sky Messenger (clarinet). He is also trying for District Jazz Band on drum set. On top of all that he is in the esports group and potentially the co-president for it.

Dominick was asked about some of his favorites, his answers were very difficult to get out of him. His favorite movie is “Back To The Future.”

His favorite color is “Green…dark green…. wait dark or olive green.”

He was asked what a few of his favorite shows, he said “Bleach,” “Initial D,” and “Attack on Titan.”

Dominick has a great, hardworking future ahead of him. He plans on becoming a computer engineer and attending Penn State Behrend with no gap year in between high school and college. After high school he wants to work for Microsoft.

To conclude this interview, here is a word from Dominick: “I would like to make a shout out to my future accomplice in being the co-president of the esports team, Conner Vanco. He and I have decided that we are going to collectively be in charge of the team. Also, I would like to promote the esports team. We are a team that goes and competitively have fun by playing games against each other and other schools. If you are interested email either Mr. McBriar or Mr. McGinnity for more information and thank you all.”