Hardworking Haley

Hardworking Haley

Haley Mumau is a freshman at Corry Area High School. Her birthday is September 2, 2008, making her 15. She has one younger brother, who is 12. She plays volleyball, basketball, and track, but basketball is by far her favorite.

Mumau’s favorite animal is the panda and her favorite artist is Imagine Dragons, with her favorite song being “Believer.” Her dream vacation is Hawaii because she wants to drink out of a coconut and see the volcanoes. When I asked her what her favorite pastime was, she said, ” I like to play sports, watch TV, and be with friends. Mumau’s favorite movie is anything Marvel, but specifically anything with Captain America and Black Widow. Her favorite foods are pizza, and her mom’s chicken dish. Her favorite dessert is chocolate cake and her favorite color is blue.

Mumau’s favorite subject is math, and when asked why she replied with, “I like the mental challenge that it brings. It makes my brain think in ways I would never imagine it would be able to.” Her least favorite subject is biology as she stated, “Because I don’t understand it.” Mumau’s favorite time of the school day is her morning classes.

When asked if she could change anything about her world, Mumau said, “I just want everyone to get along.” Her biggest pet peeve is people walking slow in the hallways. She is very determined to not be late to her classes, so she gets very mad when someone almost makes her late. When asked if she would rather sit in a bathtub of snakes or spiders she said, “I would rather sit with snakes because the spiders would crawl in my mouth, nose, and ears. I do not want that.”

The advice Haley Mumau wants to give is, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself even when the world is against you.”


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