Poll: Summer Fun

Poll: Summer Fun

Jacob White, Reporter

Which one of these summer activities sounds the most fun to you?

a. Water balloon fight: 0%

b. Going to Waldameer: 0%

c. Camping: 87.5%

d. Swimming on the beach: 12.5%

e. Other: 0%

Which one of these places would you like to spend your summer in the most?

a. Alaska: 12.5%

b. Florida: 25%

c. Outerbanks: 37.5%

d. Overseas: 25%

e. Other: 0%

Which summer food cools you down the most?

a. Oranges: 0%

b. Watermelon: 37.5%

c. Milkshakes: 37.5%

d. Popsicles: 25%

e. Other: 0%