‘The Mist’ makes me misty-eyed


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

Recently, I watched the film “The Mist,” a thriller/horror that was released in 2007 and based on the novella written by Stephen King, the king (pun intended) of horror stories himself. This movie took me on a roller coaster of emotions, and I have plenty to discuss.

First things first, the plot (and twist) was phenomenal. It centered around a group of people who get in stuck in a supermarket as a deadly, mysterious mist spreads outside. This movie exceeded my expectations in every aspect, even the concept itself. The idea of being trapped with strangers in a confined space, not knowing what is going on, and falling into fear, panic and survival is too realistic and frightening to me, as people tend to lose themselves to these feelings in life or death situations. Not only that, but the viewer can never predict what will happen next. So many times I thought I knew what was to come, but was proved wrong each time. The movie is beyond captivating, and not a moment will be spent not on the edge of your seat.

Furthermore, many scenes evoked emotions from me. The losses of certain characters hit me surprisingly hard, and I even found myself tearing up by the climax. A lot of movies have difficulty being immersive and getting viewers attached to the characters, but “The Mist” is not one of them. The cast did a fantastic job depicting these characters and building chemistry with one another so viewers feel connected with them and their relationships throughout the story. Seeing these characters suffer felt all too real and painful. Also, the horror scenes were extremely disturbing. They weren’t particularly graphic, but a great deal of them left me feeling creeped-out and a bit sick. The supernatural aspect of it was fascinating nonetheless.

What really did it for me with this movie, however, was the ending. It’ll be the last thing you expect, and it left me feeling empty and somber. I have not been able to get this film out of my head since watching it, and I highly recommend it if tragic and darker themes pique your interest. I would rate “The Mist” 4/5 stars.