“Moon Knight” episode three: Marc hits Egypt


Emma Minnick, Editor

Episode four of Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” focuses on the main alter of the series, Marc Spector. He travels to Egypt to follow Arthur Harrow’s cult of Ammit as they search for the goddess’ tomb. This episode is a fast-paced exploration into Marc, his relationship with his wife Layla, and the fellow gods that have conflict with Khonshu.

Khonshu sends his avatar Marc to Egypt to stop Harrow by whatever means necessary. Marc interrogates and fights his way across Egypt, until something strange begins to happen. This episode hints at a third personality, which fans speculate to be Jake Lockley, one of Marc’s comic personalities. Before he can question it, however, he runs into Layla. The two embark on an intense journey to defeat Harrow and ultimately, Ammit.

This episode features fantastic performances from Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy, and awesome voice acting by Khonshu’s actor F. Murray Abraham. These performances are highlighted by the fast-paced of the episode, which features a marketplace chase, undercover operation, and a meeting with the gods.

The episode ends on an intense cliffhanger. It highlights the power of both Khonshu and his avatar, Marc (and Steven by proxy). The cosmic visuals are beautiful and dramatic. When the episode ends, the audience is left confused and worried about the state of both Khonshu and his human vessel. This installment is sure to leave fans anticipating more!