Superior “American Horror Story” seasons


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

With over one million viewers, “American Horror Story” has thrived as one of the most popular television series of this decade. The show contains ten seasons currently, all centered around different horror themes. With so many watchers comes many differentiating opinions and thoughts. That being said, I’ve decided to rate my personal top three favorite seasons.

In third place stands “Coven,” which is ironically the third season itself. Coven is one the best seasons to me because it features two different true crime cases: LaLaurie Mansion and the Axe Man of New Orleans. It’s very interesting to see a fictional horror show add in actual horror elements that have happened. It just makes it all the more frightening to think about. The twists they added onto these cases are also extremely fascinating and were a great touch.

For runner up is “Cult.” This season is particularly disturbing in my eyes, due to how real the aspect of it is. Cults are real in the world.  I think its the only season that doesn’t include a bunch of fiction within it. The power and manipulation that the leader, Kai Anderson, holds over all the members is so realistic and terrifying. His manipulation even tricks the audience because you’ll find yourself wanting to like him despite the fact he’s an awful person. It really depicts how cults function, and how the leaders remain in power.

Finally, the season I consider to be the greatest, is “Asylum.” This has to be the freakiest season of them all. Not only does it have fiction horror in it, but it displays actual things that occurred in mental hospitals back in past. It contains all the horrific details patients suffered through, and can truly make people who those things apply to feel anxious and disturbed. Overall, each season is unique and viewers will have lots of opinions because of that.