Wife kills spouse in “House of Gucci”


Willow Bowen, Reporter

Do luxury bags, marriage, and murder interest you? Recently I watched the new movie “House of Gucci” directed by Ridley Scott. “House of Gucci” is a crime drama that follows the story of characters Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) through the evolution of Gucci while getting to see the Gucci family legacy. Main character Patrizia Reggiani meets character Maurizo Gucci at a party. Soon after getting married into the Gucci family, Patrizia is seen as an outsider. Despite her perception by Maurizio’s family, her ideas for Gucci over the years take her and her husband Maurizio to the top, though they play dirty and cause the Gucci family to fall apart.

Every actor that was cast as their character did an incredible job. Lady Gaga had an especially amazing performance considering that she is new to acting in big movie productions. The audience really got to see the emotions through her character (Patrizia) and the evolution of her personality. Lady Gaga even kept a psychiatric nurse on set saying, “I was always Patrizia. I always spoke in my accent. And even if I was speaking about things that weren’t related to the movie — I wasn’t pretending that Maurizio was waiting for me downstairs — I was still living my life. I just lived it as her.” Another main character (Maurizo) played by Adam Driver, was at some parts likable or unlikable, and that’s how you know they did a good job in terms of getting the audience engaged. I could really feel the emotions of the characters and everything that they were saying looked like they genuinely meant it. Overall the acting was a 5/5.

Considering that the story line for House of Gucci is based off of real events it’s interesting to see the history behind it. Writer for the movie Roberto Bentivanga said, “I always wanted this to feel like the audience was watching a movie, I didn’t want it to feel like it was in any way near realistic or sort of kitchen sink drama, I really wanted it to feel heightened, and really bold and operatic.” Now this story did go on for about two hours and 40 minutes, so there was enough time to see the story progress and get more intense. Every event in the movie smoothly transitioned to the next, really capturing each event that leads up to the downfall of the Gucci family. If  you knew the history then you would know that Maurizio is killed by two hit men hired by his wife ending all ties of the Gucci bloodline owning property. This scene could have been more intense but it was very casual and happened rather quickly. One critique I would give to the story line would be to make longer scenes instead of just a bunch of short ones. Overall, I would give the story line a 4.5 / 5. Even though it was based on true events it still managed to be unique. 

The last thing I will be rating is the costume design for House of Gucci. I did have some sort of expectations considering that they were supposed to be wearing luxury clothing. One outfit that stood out to me was worn by Patrizia (Lady Gaga) during a ski trip. It was a red snow suit that really stood out because everyone else in the scene was wearing white. unfortunately I wish I would have got to see more creativity with Driver’s character Maurizio. The only thing that the audience really saw from him was plane suits. There is a fashion show scene in the movie where more outfits are showcased but seeing more creativity would have been interesting. I would give the costume design a 3.5/5 because there was a unique element there but still was something lacking. 

Overall, I give “House of Gucci” a 4 / 5. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy dramatic movies or movies based on true stories. This definitely isn’t a movie for children because of the mature topics and themes involved in the movie. “House of Gucci” definitely lived up to the expectations set by the trailer and hopefully it could win some awards in the future.