What do you have planned after high school?

Chase Chancellor: To be an engineer.

Hunter Toner: Work.

Haylee Rose: To work in a salon.

Tucker Clark: Work.

Steel Fuller: Military.

Skylar Beckford: I plan to move out of Pennsylvania and start working so I can save up for an apartment.

Brittany Dewey: Going to college to be an elementary librarian.

Hunter Taylor: To live a good life and be happy.

Bryce Maleski: Go to college.

Ethan Vollant: Attend college and play football.

Morgan Brooks: Go to Edinboro and then law school to become a child advocate lawyer.

Chris Almeda: Join the Navy.

Timothy Ross: Some welding job.

Hannah Smrka: College.

Adrian Vallentine: Going to  Point Park University to major in criminal justice.

Sarah Marsh: I plan on going to the Air Force and advancing into the police force.

Brooke Richards: Getting my life together.

Braden Mcknight: Coaching Corry, then college

Gabrielle Rose: Attend La Roche University for psychology in the fall of 2021.

Dustin Middleton: Work.

Riley Walker: Seeing my sister.

Tyler Hasbrouck: Attending Pittsburgh Technical College for 1.5 years.

Jaxon Gray: Be successful in my job then get married and raise a family.

Colton Lindsey: Working at a body shop and yard work.

Kyla Walker: College and partying.

Emma Swartzfager: Work full-time at Corry.

Ethan Sproveri: Attend Edinboro University with a major as a pre-vet/biology.

Neil Pognant: Work.

Mason Thomas: Work.

Christina Newman: College.

Elizabeth Geer: Jamestown College for early childhood.

Caleb Munn: Rochester Institute of Technology.

Luke Stanbro: School to be diesel mechanic.

Jared Bailey: Work and marines.

Michelle Snyder: Working.

Rachael Hajec: College for four years and a news anchor.

Michael Winans: Attend Slippery Rock.

Jayda Martin: Getting real estate license.

Chase Suchar: Edinboro University.

Lucas Munsee: Construction.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Pittsburgh Pharmacy.

Hunter Smith: Work.

Dustin Seth: Refer to graduation.

Logan Sawyer: Training for the battle against the terminator army.

Sam Reed: Continue working; move somewhere tropical.

Levi Stanbro: To be a game warden.

Lauryn Cressley: Get out ASAP; car, job, leave.

Hallie Pearson: I plan to attend Edinboro University for music production and photography.

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