What was one of your most embarrassing moments in school?

Chris Almeda: Probably when I was the teacher for a class.

Jaxon Gray: Ripping out my pants on the first day of ninth grade.

Chase Suchar: Singing in the talent show.

Dustin Seth: Attending.

Evan Simmonsen: Attending.

Ethan Vollant: Air-balling a three at a basketball game.

Hunter Toner: Ripping my jeans out.

Gabrielle Rose: As a cheerleader I’ve done plenty of things to embarrass myself. Once I even dropped a stunt in front of the whole school.

Dustin Middleton: Going to the principal’s office for being a bully even though I never bullied anyone.

Enola Monn: When I said I hated a teacher and they were right there.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Giving a speech in front of everyone.

Hunter Smith: Slipping and falling in the hallway.

Steel Fuller: When I got pantsed.

Brandon Arnink: The entire thing.

Bryce Maleski: All of it.

Ethan Sproveri: When I was filmed jumping over a hurdle and failing miserably.

Adrian Vollentine: I try not to think about them.

Hannah Smrcka: I fell out of a chair in the middle of silent study hall in middle school.

Riley Walker: Walking into the wrong room and sitting down in class and still not realizing I’m in the wrong room.

Luke Stanbro: When Jared tripped me in the hallway.

Lauryn Cressley: All of it.

Logan Sawyer: There wasn’t one, I’m perfect.

Morgan Brooks: Slipping in the parking lot in front of everyone.

Skylar Beckford: I was singing and dancing during a class party, and one of my favorite teachers walked by as I was acting silly.

Christina Newman: I dropped the end of my flute in the middle of a concert.

Elizabeth Geer: When I ran into a wall.

Rachael Hajec: When I almost fell tap dancing in our school’s production of Anything Goes.

Brittany Dewey: Getting the volleyball cart at D10 and running into the net.

Lucas Munsee: Probably something dumb I did as a freshman.

Brooke Richards: Ripping my dress and having to sit in the bathroom while my dress was getting sewn.

Kyla Walker: None, I’ve repressed them all.

Sarah Marsh: Being one of the only girls in school to get a “nose job” (for medical purposes, though).

Hallie Pearson: I honestly have too many because I cheered for three years.

Tucker Clark: Throwing up in class.

Michael Winans: When I got a really bad haircut.

Jayda Martin: Tennessee softball trip when we played “Never Have I Ever.”

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