What class influenced your career choice the most?

Skylar Beckford: Math of Finance. It helped kick start the process of finding what I really want to do in life.

Haylee Rose: Cosmo.

Hunter Toner: Machining.

Tucker Clark: Construction.

Chancellor Chase: Physics.

Sarah Marsh: Criminal Justice with Mr. Woods.

Morgan Brooks: Criminal Justice because it showed me I wanted to be in the court room fighting for other people.

Emma Swartzfager: Healthcare.

Chris Almeda: Basic Programming.

Colton Lindsay: Automotive.

Brooke Richards: None of them.

Jaxon Gray: Auto because I learned many things like how to machine equipment.

Hunter Smith: Automotive.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Mr.Kerr’s biology and chemistry classes.

Enola Monn: None, I just like rocks, man.

Dustin Middleton: Being in the welding class.

Gabrielle Rose: I think English really pushed me to think about things in different ways, which lead me to wonder why people think the way they do

Braden McKnight: Gym, I guess.

Brittany Dewey: Early Childhood.

Hunter Taylor: English.

Bryce Maleski: Gym class because I want to be associated with sports.

Brandon Arnink: Graphic Design 1-4.

Evan Simmonson: Study Hall.

Ethan Vollant: AP Government.

Lauryn Cressley: I don’t know where professional clown would be.

Levi Stanbro: Science.

Sam Reed: My home life.

Logan Sawyer: CAD 1.

Ian Hickey: Childcare for sure. It’s a CTC class that prepares you for a job in a field of your choice once you leave school.

Kyla Walker: Research during school and government class.

Riley Walker: Art.

Ethan Sproveri: Any science class.

Rachael Hajec: Newspaper actually! It has reassured me that choosing broadcast journalism is the right path for me.

Michelle Snyder: Miss Pound’s class.

Elizabeth Geer: Early Childhood Education.

Mason Thomas: Automotive.

Neil Pognant: Intro to Machine Tool Technology.

Christina Newman: My influence was outside the school.

Michael Winans: Biology.

Dustin Seth: Study Hall.

Chase Suchar: AP Chemistry.

Hallie Pearson: Cosmetology.

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