What fictional character parallels your high school experience and why?

Brandon Arnink: No clue, but I feel like I’d be that one comic relief.

Bryce Maleski: Ferris Bueller, idk.

Ethan Sproveri: SpongeBob because it was fun and serious.

Adrian Vollentine: Mort from “All Hail King Julian.” Sweet, cute, sort-of-innocent, and knows how to have fun.

Hannah Smrcka: Casey from “Atypical.”

Brittany Dewey: I would have to say Cinderella because I would spend everyday cleaning.

Hunter Taylor: Spider-Man because while I tried to be the hero, many things fell apart, but they are slowly starting to mend.

Christina Newman: SpongeBob. He was unpopular, but he lived his life how he wanted.

Rachael Hajec: Hannah Montana, because maybe I have a double pop star life and nobody knows it.

Ian Hickey: He’s from a small story hosted for me and a few friends, but Allen Richoff from The Nameless. He’s a stubborn man who tries his best to protect those close to him, even if it causes chaos. As time goes on, he learns to trust his friends.

Tucker Clark: SpongBob

Chancellor Chase: Bubbles from “Trailer Park Boys.”

Hunter Toner: The Grinch.

Sarah Marsh: Tom and Jerry. Sometimes you take a hit and just have to get up again.

Brooke Richards: Goofy because he is silly and it’s been a silly high school year.

Enola Monn: Bakugou. He’s amazing and describes life how it is.

Dustin Seth: Andy Dufresne.

Chase Suchar: Clay Jensen from “13 Reasons Why” because his high school experience gets more chaotic and unexpected.

Skylar Beckford: Definitely Squidward Tentacles. He spends most of his time being introverted and staying inside, which is exactly how I have spent most of my time. However Squidward has moments where he likes to have fun, just like I did throughout high school.

Kyla Walker: Hermione Granger. We get good grades, I guess, maybe some overachieving.

Jaxon Gray: Tommy Boy because I felt as smart as him in many situations.

Riley Walker:  Kuro from Servamps. He’s quiet and not talkative and wants nothing [more] than to be left alone.

Dustin Middleton: Beast Boy.

Gabrielle Rose: Miles Halter from the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. We are both “quirky” underdogs who would do anything for our amazing friends.

Jayda Martin: Patrick Star. I only needed one best friend to get through high school.

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