What is your greatest memory/best high school experience of Corry High?

Enola Monn: All the times I went driving with my friends at night, windows down and music blasting.

Gabrielle Rose: My best memories were performing cheer routines during assemblies and half times.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Doing all of the homecoming and last week of school activities.

Hunter Smith: Walking out the front because I haven’t been here long enough to know.

Steel Fuller: Soccer.

Braden McKnight: Playing football.

Dustin Middleton: Gym, algebra foundation, and history.

Sarah Marsh: All of spirit week.

Morgan Brooks: Meeting Brayden.

Caleb Munn: I think it was my Graphics 3 class. There’s a lot of inside jokes there that can’t really be explained to anyone who wasn’t there.

Kyla Walker: Winning the senior banner during the homecoming assembly.

Tyler Hasbrouck: “Free Bryce” eighth grade year.

Logan Sawyer: Free Bryce.

Sam Reed: Will be graduating.

Michelle Snyder: Miss Pound’s 1st block class last year. We could talk and mess around so much.

Levi Stanbro: Leaving.

Lauryn Cressley: Performing with the marching band.

Riley Walker: Going to watch the marching band perform during fall.

Christina Newman: My favorite memory is marching band trips. Any of them.

Elizabeth Geer: When we got a flat tire on the band bus.

Hallie Pearson: I literally have too many.

Rachael Hajec: Bringing the homecoming dance back my junior year of high school.

Chase Suchar: The Anything Goes musical in spring 2019.

Dustin Seth: Graduating.

Timothy Ross: Sitting in the cafeteria, just chilling.

Hannah Smrcka: Lunch.

Adrian Vollentine: Activity day tenth grade year.

Ethan Sproveri: Activity day when we could mess around.

Ethan Vollant: Beating Titusville at their homecoming game for football.

Evan Simmonsen: Graduating.

Brandon Arnink: May 4, 2017 – “Free Bryce” incident.

Bryce Maleski: None of it.

Jaxon Gray: The lunch table with all my buddies.

Chris Almeda: Playing sports with my friends.

Brooke Richards: Becoming a varsity cheerleader.

Skylar Beckford: My favorite memory has to be the first time I ever sang at the talent show. The cheers and the lights felt overwhelming, but I loved it. I wish I could relive that moment forever.

Jayda Martin: Tennessee trips with the softball team.

Michael Winans: All of our pep rallies.

Lucas Munsee: Going to States as a team for wrestling.

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