If you could relive one year of high school, which year would it be? Why?

Skylar Beckford: Definitely sophomore year. I made the best memories that year, and it was one of the happiest years of my life.

Haylee Rose: I missed out of a lot.

Hunter Toner: Ninth so I cannot hurt my leg.

Tucker Clark: Sophomore year because I started dating my girlfriend and it was the last really fun year before COVID.

Chancellor Chase: Freshman year because it was fun.

Sarah Marsh: Senior year, just not in 2020.

Morgan Brooks: Junior year because it was the most eventful and we did a lot more.

Emma Swartzfager: Probably sophomore year because you’re just in that halfway point and it’s a long year.

Hallie Pearson: My sophomore year because it was the last normal year we had before COVID happened.

Chris Almeda: My senior year because I want to do it without COVID.

Colton Lindsay: Tenth grade because I really struggled.

Brooke Richards: My senior year; I don’t want it to end.

Jaxon Gray: Tenth grade because it was a nice, fun time with my buddies

Steel Fuller: Senior.

Hunter Smith: My junior year because I slacked off the most and wish I did better.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Senior year, but without COVID to experience everything.

Enola Monn: None of them.

Dustin Middleton: None.

Gabrielle Rose: I would relive my sophomore year because it was the last full year before COVID-19.

Braden McKnight: My freshman year. I got in trouble.

Brittany Dewey: 2020 to finish the preschool year with my preschoolers

Hunter Taylor: Tenth because it was one of the calmer years of high school.

Bryce Maleski: Junior year without COVID because it was the best.

Brandon Arnink: Senior so I could be in school the whole time

Evan Simmonson: Junior, extended summer break.

Ethan Vollant: Sophomore because I peaked.

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