Do you think life after school will be more fun than high school and why?

Enola Monn: Yes. School is just a place you waste your time, I’ll learn what I like in college.

Gabrielle Rose: I always think that I’ll look back on high school as the best years of my life. They shaped my future.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Yes, because you get to live on your own and make your own choices.

Hunter Smith: Yes, because you have more freedom and can make money.

Steel Fuller: Yes, freedom.

Braden McKnight: Yes.

Haylee Rose: I don’t think it will be more fun, but I will be making money.

Dusin Middleton: No, I have to pay taxes. What’s fun in that?

Hunter Toner: Heck yeah because I don’t have three hours to myself.

Tucker Clark: Good question.

Chancellor Chase: More fun because I will be an adult.

Sarah Marsh: I think that as long as you have a positive attitude, no matter where you are, you can have fun and be happy.

Morgan Brooks: Yes, because I will get to experience the world and do anything I want to do.

Kyla Walker: Yes for more freedoms, no because of bills and being an adult.

Tyler Hasbrouck: Yes because in high school I had to take blow off classes for nothing.

Logan Sawyer: Yes because I can live alone, and I won’t take classes for nothing.

Sam Reed: Yes because I can do what I want.

Michelle Snyder: Yes because I won’t be in school.

Levi Stanbro: No because of work.

Lauryn Cressley: Oh absolutely, I won’t have to deal with anybody’s crap.

Luke Stanbro: Yes, not school.

Jared Bailey: Yes, no school rules.

Riley Walker: Yes, because I’ll be able to leave and see the world.

Christina Newman: Maybe. I’ll have more opportunities.

Elizabeth Geer: Yes, because I will be moving to college and the real world.

Rachael Hajec: Yes, because it will be a new adventure.

Neil Pognant: I hope so.

Chase Suchar: Yes, because we can finally experience the world.

Dustin Seth: Probably.

Timothy Ross: Honestly no, time to settle down.

Hannah Smrcka: Yes, because life is just beginning.

Adrian Vollentine: Yes, because I was bullied and no one wants to be my friend and college is a start over and it’s not in Corry PA.

Ethan Sproveri: No, because you are entering adulthood.

Ethan Vollant: Yes, because I’ll be pursuing something I enjoy.

Evan Simmonsen: No, because I’m going to even more school.

Brandon Arnink: No, not at all. NO NO NO NO NO work and NO taxes 🙁

Bryce Maleski: Yes, college is way better.

Colton Lindsay: Yes, because I don’t like school.

Jaxon Gray: Yes, because I’ll be making money then.

Emma Swartzfager: I think life will be very different but fun after high school.

Chris Almeda: Yes, I will travel and meet many different people.

Brooke Richards: I don’t think it will be fun because we have to be so into the real world.

Skylar Beckford: I think life will be a lot more fun as I will have a lot more control over my life, so I’ll get to branch out as an adult and experience things I couldn’t before.

Jayda Martin: Yes, you can start waking up for a job and money instead of a drama-filled school day at Corry High.

Michael Winans: I think it might because I’ll have more freedom and be an adult.

Hallie Pearson: Neither– I just think it will be different but both will leave me with fun experiences.

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