Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Brittany Dewey: Working as an elementary librarian.

Hunter Taylor: Hopefully on my own with a nice job and a good life.

Christina Newman: Working for a radio company.

Elizabeth Geer: Living on my own.

Rachael Hajec: Having a good career and house while living a comfortable lifestyle to start a family.

Ian Hickey: I see myself living with someone. We would have either a pet dog or cat.

Kyla Walker: Old, a good career, and hopefully a significant other.

Tyler Hasbrouck: Working in the CAD field.

Logan Sawyer: General in the resistance against the terminator army.

Michelle Snyder: Graduated from college and having a good job.

Levi Stanbro: Game warden.

Lauryn Cressley: Living in a nice NYC apartment with my best friend.

Luke Stanbro: Working in a garage.

Jared Bailey: Working.

Riley Walker: Still working.

Emma Swartzfager: In ten years I see myself with a husband and two kids.

Chris Almeda: Enlisted in the United States Navy.

Jaxon Gray: With a successful landscaping company.

Colton Lindsey: Working at a body shop and having side jobs.

Timothy Ross: In a welding career.

Hannah Smrcka: Paying off college debt.

Adarin Vollentine: Living my best life.

Ethan Sproveri: Straight out of vet school and work as a full-time vet.

Bryce Maleski: Career in the military and traveling.

Brandon Arnink: Hopefully I have my own place and a good job that I like.

Caleb Munn: Hopefully living comfortably and working on some fulfilling projects.

Mason Thomas: Working.

Neil Pognant: I don’t know.

Chase Suchar: Financially independent with a Master’s Degree in biochemistry.

Dustin Seth: The leader of the resistance against the terminator army, aka John Connor

Evan Simmonsen: President of the United States.

Ethan Vollant: Working at a law firm.

Steel Fuller: Military.

Hunter Smith: Working and buying a house.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Working as a pharmacist somewhere near the ocean.

Enola Monn: Probably sleeping in my rich retired husband’s bed.

Dustin Middleton: Working.

Gabi Rose: In ten years I’ll be working as a psychologist.

Braden McKnight: In Savannah, Georgia coaching or rapping.

Chancellor Chase: At a Yung Bray concert.

Tucker Clark: Having a wife, family, and to be stable with life.

Haylee Rose: Owning my own salon.

Kaleb Meneely: Big places.

Hunter Toner: Tennessee.

Skylar Beckford: I see myself traveling the world with my dog and my best friends.

Morgan Brooks: Working at a big law firm and making a difference.

Sarah Marsh: I’ll have a steady job in the police force and starting my own family.

Brooke Richards: Getting a family started.

Lucas Munsee: Hopefully rich, living in a nice house with a wife and kid.

Jayda Martin: Being successful and starting a family somewhere not in Corry.

Michael Winans: I see myself with a steady full-time job and living with my new start of a family.

Hallie Pearson: Working as a music producer and photographer, living my best life.

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