Significant Mr. Swartzfager

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Mr. Lee Swartzfager is the middle school principal here are Corry. He grew up in Fairview, PA, and attended Fairview High School, where he graduated in 1997. After high school he decided to further his education at Penn State Behrend to earn a degree in math. Then, he attended Mercyhurst University to finish his education. Lastly, he took graduate classes through Gannon University.

When asked why he pursued a career in education, Swartzfager replied, “I felt teaching was a calling,” and he wanted the opportunity to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. He started working at Corry in the fall of 2002, and while at Mercyhurst he taught full-time at Girard Alliance Christian Academy for one year.

Before becoming the middle school principal, Mr. Swartzfager was a high school math teacher for thirteen years and is now currently in his sixth year in administration. If he was not in the profession he is in today he would most likely be a counselor because it is “just another way to help people.” He additionally stated, “I’ve never been driven to just make money. Being helpful is more important than just making money.”

During high school Mr. Swartzfager participated in football, wrestling, played soccer in the summer, and was active in the church youth group. When asked about any big accomplishments he has earned, Swartzfager replied, “Successfully raising kids, and it’s hard to measure but hopefully leaving a positive impact in many students’ lives.” At first glance many students think that he goes home and reads a book by the fireplace at night. However, he stated that “I usually have a pair of Carhartts on and boots… I work hard outside of the building a lot.”

If he had the opportunity to travel anywhere he would love to go to Alaska some day. “I heard that it’s beautiful, and I also love the Caribbean. It’s gorgeous there.” Some of his hobbies include spending time with family, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors.

To conclude the interview, I asked him what his biggest pet peeve is, and it is the lack of integrity that many people have. To build off of this, Swartzfager ended with this final quote: “Trust takes years to build, and seconds to destroy.”