“Disenchantment” good for a laugh

Disenchantment good for a laugh

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

Recently, I have watched the Netflix comedy “Disenchantment,” with three seasons out now. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. This show takes place a couple centuries ago, and it follows a young girl who gets in trouble and fixes problems. It takes place in a kingdom and her dad is the king.  

The voice actors all did very well despite the characters being different and hard to portray. John DiMaggio did especially well voicing King Zog. Some other actors on the show included Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, and Nat Faxon. I think the talent of these people make the show better overall. 

With a rating of TV-14, this show is not the best for young children despite it being animated. I would recommend checking it out before watching with the whole family. I personally would give this show an 4/5. I highly suggest watching it for yourself because it is a good laugh and an even better way to spend some extra free time.