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Beaver Tales

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Beaver Tales

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Fishing For A Fortune


There once was a man who lived in a rural town just off the city. He was a calm and collected person, who found peace by small and large bodies of water. He was very stubborn and only ever lived with his very old mother. The man went by the name Carl. The house that they stayed at was small and in bad condition, but the river was just a few feet from the house in the nearby woods. To Carl this made the house worth it, and the river was giving. It always provided fresh fish that helped the family save money.

In the early morning of August, when the sun was rising, Carl made his bed and grabbed his fishing pole to go find his mother and his meal of the day. The sun was glowing through the large trees and made Carl feel a sense of clarity and hope. The feeling on this day was much different than the others, it was only peaceful. The animals who resided in the woods were quiet and Carl even questioned if they had all just left. Carl walked to the edge of the water and he sat down prepping his fishing rod. He cast the pole into the water and after many hours he still sat without a bite on his pole.

The day had started to grow to an end and Carl decided that he would just go back to the old home to tend to his mother. On his way through the woods, he saw a dark cloud covering the once lit sky. He was so distracted that he tripped over a rock and hit his head against the cold hard ground. He passed out and it is unconfirmed how long that he was out of it, but when he woke up he saw a large clear pond that had magically appeared in front of him. He was unsure if the pond had been there before. From what he had always remembered he had never seen this. As he stumbled up from the ground and wiped the dirt off his shirt. He lifted his head from his clothes and he saw a sign that said “Fish For Fortune.” The sign was tempting of course and Carl liked to think that he was a very skilled fisherman. He took the opportunity of a lifetime. He put the worm onto his fishing pole and threw the best cast that he could possibly bring his body to throw.

In seconds Carl got his first bite. He felt very hopeful and continued to cast the pole and ended up catching over 30 large fish of all different species. Carl came to the senses that this should make him filthy rich, once he figured out who to show the collection of fish too. When he bagged the fish he threw all of his belongings on top of his shoulder and started circling the pond looking for any form of human life. He was walking straight with no clear direction. He then ran into something that was large and covered in moss. It was an ogre.

The ogre looked down at Carl. He reached for the pile of fish that was weighing him down. Carl was in a state of shock, he had experienced some very weird things in life, but meeting an ogre was all new to him. The ogre asked if he had fished these himself. With a quick reply Carl made sure that the ogre had known that it was all his hard work and dedication. The ogre reached over to the pile and grabbed all of the fish. Carl finally realized that the ogre had bad motives, and he started chasing after him.

Carl let his worldly actions consume him, and he started trying to kill the ogre. In the ogre’s defense he was not trying to attack Carl he just wanted the fish to feed his appetite. In self defense the ogre picked up the man and killed him. The ogre ate the fish and then while he was walking he stumbled over a large sum of money and gold. This was enough to last the ogre a lifetime. He put all of the money into his hut and went to go and cash in his gold. As he walked outside of the woods he stopped in front of the old beat down house. He walked to the door and knocked. The elderly woman answered and questioned the whereabouts of her son. The ogre was not aware of the relationship between the elderly woman and Carl, the one who he killed. But the ogre vowed to forever protect the old woman.

After he was able to cash out his gold he moved him and the old woman into a huge mansion. The old woman hardly thought of her son Carl anymore and was in awe by her new lifestyle. She ended up falling in love with the ogre and they got married and lived happily for many more years.

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Anita Fisher is a junior at Corry Area High School, with big future plans and a fun-loving personality. In her free time she enjoys watching documentaries and hanging out with her friends and family.