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The ugly side of my ‘Eras Tour’ experience


Going to Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” was one of the best experiences of my life. It is a day I will never forget, and always cherish. Though I had the time of my life, there were definitely some parts that I would rather forget.

It all started back on Christmas morning when I first got my tickets. Just about any ticket was very expensive, so I was so thankful to my mom for even getting me any. They weren’t in the pit, but they were pretty much in the middle with a perfect view. Many months later, about in March, our ticket validation had still not come in yet so my mom contacted the person she bought them from. The person then replied saying the tickets have been sold to someone else but they would give us other seats for the price of the seats we bought. They ended up giving us seats very high up and far from the stage. Not only that, but also at the very edge of the stadium with part of the stage blocked from view. All this using the same amount of money she paid for good seats. All of this kind of made me discouraged, but I knew I was lucky to even get tickets.

My view.

The traffic was pretty bad on the way down but we left very early so nothing would make us late. My mom had reserved a spot in a nearby parking garage, making it nice and easy to get a spot and get out by the stadium. I was so excited walking around and seeing all the amazing outfits. We eventually had to get in line at our gate and wait for a few hours. Waiting felt like forever, but at least I got to trade friendship bracelets with and meet a whole bunch of super nice people. Finally, the lines started moving and we were able to get in.

Trading bracelets with people in line.

Right as we got to our level my mom and I found our seats to see what it would be like and see the view. It felt so steep and all the seats felt so close. One guy sitting in front of me also kept giving me dirty looks, which made me feel so annoyed because that is usually not how most fans of Taylor Swift act. Like I said before, the community is usually very nice and welcoming just like the people I met earlier. I, in fact, did not trade bracelets with him. But after I traded bracelets with some people around me my mom and I went back down to the outer part of the stadium to check out the merch and use the restroom. Going into the concert I already looked at all the merch and knew exactly what I wanted. Of course with my luck, it wasn’t there. All the merch was pretty expensive, so I didn’t want to get something I didn’t absolutely love, so my mom ordered the sweatshirt for me off the website right there.

As we got back to our seats we were absolutely disgusted at what we saw. Next to the two empty seats beside me was a drunk woman with a whiteclaw in one hand and in the other, her stadium-allowed clear bag that she was throwing up in. After a few minutes of my mom and me just looking away, the two girls supposed to sit next to me came and I felt a lot better. The girl seated right next to me was the sweetest person ever. We both dressed up as the same era and we traded bracelets. She was a joy to be by for the concert.

One upside to being as far back as I was is that I got to see Taylor get rolled on stage in her cart and walk off stage after the concert. I also got to see both her parents and her brother, which was really cool. Though I really couldn’t see Taylor very well, being so far up made it so cool to watch the full show with the lights, fire, and fireworks and it made it cool to watch all the wristbands glow. It was so cool to watch all the people outside of the stadium having a party as well.

Even though I did have a few mishaps, I really did have one of the most memorable nights of my life. I am so thankful to have even gotten to experience the show and meet all the other local fans. I’m also so grateful for my mom, who even though a lot didn’t work out, she still found every way to make it special for me. I just thought I should share all the bad parts of something so great.

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Kenzie Knight
Kenzie Knight, Reporter
Kenzie Knight is a freshman first-year reporter for the Corry Beaver Tales student newspaper. When she is not writing and working on the newspaper, Kenzie enjoys dancing, cheering, and hanging out with friends.