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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

Beaver Tales

The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

Beaver Tales

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Happy Days Café

A story where tragedy happens at the Happy Day Café


It all started when a teenager named Stacey needed a job. Happy Days Café, a local café where a lot of kids often hangout, was the perfect place for the job. When Stacey was young she always imagined herself working there as her first job. As an average teenager she didn’t want to get a job, she didn’t wanna work all the hours to not get paid a good amount of money. 

When Stacey finally got her application approved she started her first day, it was long and stressful. She didn’t know where everything she needed was, they didn’t show her good examples of what to do and when to do it. Her first customer came into the café, only she and two other people were there, they were just recently hired, so the customer service wasn’t the best. Everyone knew this man as trustworthy, but her family knew he wasn’t what he seemed like.

“Stacey!” the man said.

“Dave! How are you?” Stacey said, trying to be a good waitress with good customer service.

“I’m just wonderful, I heard you got this job so I had to come see how good of a waitress you are,” Dave said in a fake sweet voice.

She just smiled and nodded then proceeded to ask him for his order, “What would you like to have today?” she asked him.

“Oh, wow there’s a lot on this menu!” he laughed, Stacey trying to get out of the conversation as fast as possible laughed and pretended to be happy while she was actually irritated.

After Dave finally ordered the veggie soup she went back to the kitchen and told the cooks to make it, and as they were recently hired they did not know what to do. Stacey realized she knew the recipe for her mom’s veggie soup that she gives her family when they are sick. She told the cooks to go run the register while she cooks up the veggie soup, she gathered all the ingredients and started cooking. She looked down at the things she gathered and realized that she was forgetting something. She looked in every cabinet and found this purple jar.

On this purple jar it said “NEVER USE” but Stacey, being desperate and immature, grabbed the jar and dumped it into the pot. She stirred the soup around for a couple minutes and waited for it to be done.  As the soup was coming to a boiling point she turned off the stove and let it cool down for a minute, she grabbed a spoon and dumped it into the bowl.  She put the bowl of soup onto the plate and carried it out to Dave. “Why thank you, Stacey!” Dave said in an outgoing tone.

She nodded and walked away. As every waitress does, she came back and checked on Dave, “How is the soup Dave?”

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FOOD?” Dave screamed.

Dave started shaking. Stacey knew something was wrong, so she sprinted back to the kitchen and read the ingredients to the purple jar, but they were written in Spanish. She ran back to Dave and saw in his place a human-sized broccoli lying on the floor.

“AHHHH,” Stacey screamed, she realized that the purple jar had something very, very bad inside of it. She knew she would go to jail if someone saw what she did to Dave, therefore she dragged Dave into the kitchen and needed to put him inside the freezer so no one would suspect it was her.

As the other waitresses just went home, no one else was in the restaurant, so she knew she could get away with it if she really tried. She sat Dave up against the counter. She grabbed a roll of duct tape and started thinking of ideas she could use to hide him. She dragged him back into the freezer and saw that there were a bunch of boxes. She thought of the idea to hide him behind the boxes, she grabbed the duct tape and started taping him up. After dragging him behind the boxes she stacked a couple on top of him.

She closed the door behind her and lived the rest of her life traumatized, she never got caught and no one ever  realized he was even gone.


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Leah Mitchell
Leah Mitchell, Reporter
Leah Mitchell is a freshman in high school. This is her first year writing for Corry's Beaver Tales student newspaper. When basketball is not in season she enjoys socializing with friends, reading, and being outside.