The Diner

The Diner

It was ominous, dark, and cold around 4:00 A.M. at the community’s local diner. They tend to stay open as long as business allows them to.  Many loved the diner not exactly for the meals, but for the countless times the bleary-eyed waitress, Melinda, would undercharge the customers. Due to her lack of eye sight, many would pull tricks on her and even went as far as to rob the small business.

This night was not unlike any other at first. A few petty crimes were committed here and there from teenagers, even to the grown adults with children. The company was at its wits end if it did not take action on Melinda’s small mistakes.  The owner finally pulled poor Melinda aside in the back of the tarnished and grimy restaurant. He told her as nicely as possible that if she did not start paying attention and doing better, then he would have no choice but to terminate her job as the waitress. Melinda did not take this lightly and promised to make a turn around for the company. With that new pressure on her, she went out into the diner’s eating area and began what she would describe as the “best work” she would ever do.

The clock ticked onto 4:45 A.M. and Melinda would say that she was making exquisite progress; she had only messed up one order since the time she was confronted by her boss. She knew that with this type of progress the company would surely want to keep her. Until a Gamer walked into the diner with very bad intentions. He was very well known for tricking Melinda and making her forget things that she was certain that she wouldn’t. For example, one time he came into the diner with his two gamer friends. When Melinda gave them their food, they all manipulated and tricked her into thinking that she had messed up all three orders; therefore, they did not have to pay for their meal. He has also convinced her that the price of his food was wrong and got countless unfair discounts for the meals he was taking. Yet, tonight was different. Melinda was not going to let his tricks get the best of her if it was the last thing she did.

The Gamer had a sly grin on his face that could only bring an unpleasant aura on the whole establishment. Melinda reluctantly walked over to take his order. As usual, he giggled at her odd appearance and continued to answer her basic waitress questions. He ordered a large Dr. Pepper and the complimentary special of the day with sausage, egg, and pancakes. Melinda the bleary-eyed waitress struggled to get this order, presuming it was the hardest one for her to accomplish because it was not from memory (which the gamer knew).

She walked back over to the Gamer and handed him his meal. This time he did not complain about anything and they just continued. Melinda believed that she had finally perfected her work skills, and really thought highly of a new promotion. She walked her way back to the rusting cash register and began to create the bill.

Behind the scenes the Gamer had a plan that was different from any other. When the bleary-eyed waitress returned to the old unbalanced table, the Gamer pulled the ultimate move and pushed his plate onto the floor. Melinda was confused at first, and then he began the usual trick, but it was worse. He was asking to see her manager.

Melinda knew if she got her manager, then she was going to be in deep trouble. She knew it was most definitely the end of her career as a waitress. The Gamer became more angry and was causing a scene to obtain a free meal. Melinda promised to return quickly with her boss.

Melinda returned to the scene and she was hiding four large packs of duct tape. She told the gamer to follow her outside of the establishment, and he went with her after some minor convincing. She brought him to the front and caught him off guard by pushing him down. Once he was down she taped him to the front of the diner. For every time that he had tricked her or caused a disturbance for her, she used a piece. Which this ultimately equaled out to 263.5 pieces because she did not let this time slide. When her boss returned, he was pleased with her hard work and she was promoted to the brand new manager. The Gamer was later arrested and forced to work as the new waiter for no pay, until he proves that he learned his lesson.


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