Ranking ‘The Last of Us’ episodes from best to worst

Ranking The Last of Us episodes from best to worst

Reagan White, Editors

The first season of “The Last of Us” has been a roller coaster for both the watchers and characters. We were introduced to many new characters that were never seen in the game and they added a fun twist to the story. Season two has been renewed and is estimated to come out in a couple of years. These are my personal opinions from best to worst episode.

  1. Episode 8 – “When We Are In Need”
  2. Episode 7 – “Left Behind”
  3. Episode 3 – “Long, Long Time”
  4. Episode 9 – “Look For The Light”
  5. Episode 2 – “Infected”
  6. Episode 5 – “Endure and Survive”
  7. Episode 1 – “When You’re Lost in the Dreams”
  8. Episode 6 – “Kin”
  9. Episode 4 – “Please Hold My Hand”