Bailey Biscuit Burger: The inside scoop


Alivia Burger, Reporter

Scooter, Bubs da’ B, Bay la B, Scoot Scoot, Stinky Butt, BubBub, Little Lady, The Other One, Marabo 2: these are all the names that Bailey

Biscuit Burger goes by. She has more names than years she’s been alive. At the big age of three, Bailey has accomplished so much. She started out as an uncoordinated menace and grew to be a coordinated menace who learned how

to slap.

A true hunter who has a passion for sniffing out rocks, Bailey keeps working until she is forced to stop. If no one throws her 5 lb. rock for her, she will do it herself. She goes for rides in the woods only to prance and jump with the deer. She puts up an unfair fight in order to remain peacefully sat in her rightful spot inside the side by side.

A new era began for Bailey when the first snow of her life occurred. She fell in love with snowballs; the only way to appease her need to be outside now was to throw snowballs until she was covered with a new coat of it. Even then, she would not come in without the promise of a snowball.

She was a true hunter, gatherer, and explorer. Hazel, her older sister, taught her all the rules of the land and

helped her grow into who she is today. She, however, did teach Bailey some bad habits, like eating dirt and digging holes. This has gotten her in trouble a few times for property damage.

Things were going good for Bailey; she had a nice ride, an older sister, food galore, and lots of places to run. So this made it even harder when the Burgers went on their first vacation since COVID initially hit. It was a bit much for her to handle seeing as she also was scared of new people and unbelievably attached to her family.

Her second Christmas was better than her first as she learned more about opening presents and she also got a boatload of presents. A few months later, she was bestowed with her favorite gift to date: Lamb chops, the Little puppet lamb that had squeakers in every limb just for Bailey to rip out. She knew that no matter what, I would sew it back up and clean it for her. She would sit and watch me clean it up and stitch her lamb back together every time; it was her new favorite thing, after all.

Bailey has given three years of joy to her family and will continue to bring more.