“The Green Mile” is a trip worth taking

The Green Mile is a trip worth taking

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

You might have heard of “The Green Mile” if you are a Stephen King fan. This movie is a crime/drama that was made in 1999. It is one of  the best movies I have watched. It is sad, but it is worth it.

The movie takes place in a small town in Louisiana. The two main characters that star in this movie are Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. “The Green Mile” is a movie about this big guy named John who is scared of the dark and convicted for killing these two little girls and a guard who doesn’t believe he could have done it. John was a massive black man who had the power of healing things, so he tried healing the little girls whose parents he worked for, but they saw him hovering over them in blood. While in the jail he talked to the guard named Paul. He tried telling everyone he was not the person who killed them, but no one believed him.

The actors did an amazing job playing the lead roles. There was never a time where I thought they were over dramatic or too fake, and there was never a part that failed to have my attention, but some parts are a little disturbing and should only be watched by mature audiences. The overall lesson I think everyone should take away from this is that you really should never judge a book by its cover because there could be circumstances that you don’t know or could understand. Also, some people could just be big and have the sweetest personality. I would recommend this film for anyone that is mature enough and would understand what’s going on. I would give this film a 5 out of 5 stars.