Ecstatic Eli


Jacob White, Reporter

Eli Mezzacapo is a seventh grader in Corry Middle-High School and is currently 12 years old. He was born on March 4, 2010, and grew up in Corry, PA.

He is in the Corry marching band and helped an extreme amount to get the marching band to finish third at the PMEA Marching Band Championships as of this year. Eli mainly plays the trumpet in his band classes and throughout marching band, but he likes to often explore the different instruments and tries to learn them. Eli plans on continuing his high school career in marching band for as long as possible.

He has a sister at the age of 14 and his favorite hobbies are playing video games, band, and watching anime. Eli would like to become a music teacher eventually because of his love for instruments and teaching what he has learned to others. When asked where he would like to visit and why he responded with “I [would] to go to Georgia because it has the world’s best aquarium,” also implying that he does like to watch sea life.

To end this interview, Eli was asked a couple more questions, one of which being what his favorite foods. He said, “My favorite food is tacos.”

The last question that he was asked to close of this interview was what his favorite quotation would be and he answered “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” which originated from Hammurabi’s code in Babylonian law.