Newsworthy Nevaeh

Ruthie Light, Editor

Nevaeh Gamble is a junior who attends Corry Area Middle-High School. She was born in Meadville, PA, on January 12, 2006. Gamble primarily grew up in the Meadville/ Edinboro area, but moved to Corry, PA, in 2015. She has grown up alongside her two siblings: her older sister and younger brother. Near the end of the 2020 School Year, Gamble attended cyber school, but has since made her return this year to CAHS.

When Gamble graduates high school, she plans to have a career in architecture. Being an architect sparked her interest because she likes to use her hands and watch projects come together. Speaking of things she likes to do, three of Gamble’s hobbies and interests are listening to music, ice hockey, and traveling. Within the next year or two, Gamble plans to go on vacation with her grandma to Florida. However, if she could travel anywhere in the world, she would visit South Korea because she is interested in the culture. In fact, she has been actively learning how to speak Korean for about a year. Also, in the upcoming school year, Gamble plans to join the softball team. 

Something you may not know about Gamble just from looking at her is that one of her favorite songs is “Thunderous” by Stray Kids. In relation to that, her favorite color is orange and her favorite food is chicken. When asked what animal she thinks best describes her personality, she responded, “A wallaby because they are soft, small, and squishy.” In addition, Gamble’s favorite class is English because she likes her teacher, Mrs. Marsh. In contrast to Gamble’s favorite things, her biggest pet peeve is when people walk slowly in the school hallways. 

In conclusion, Gamble is a returning student this year, and a lovely one at that. Her favorite quote is “Never make eye contact with someone while eating a banana.” – Harry Styles.

Similarly, a piece of advice Gamble would like to leave her readers with is, “Do not be scared to try new things.”