“Dead by Daylight,” in retrospect

Dead by Daylight, in retrospect

Alivia Burger, Reporter

Online multiplayer games are the new craze sweeping the market and burying the old trend of split screen playing. People are able to connect with hundreds and make loads of friends just by playing a game to blow off steam. Sure, you will meet people who make the game infuriating, but this makes the fun rounds where you connect and play a good fair match with others much better and lets you appreciate them.

One of the first online games of its kind, “Dead by Daylight” took a creative take on online multiplayer games. It involves a team of four that have to work together to survive but have no means of attacking the person after them. The only way to get out is to save your teammates and repair generators to power the exit. This is made harder by the passive threat of someone hunting you, another player, trying to prevent you from leaving. The stress of trying to repair generators while you hear your in-game heart beat getting louder, meaning the hunter is close, gives the player an adrenaline rush that keeps them playing and immersed.

When playing as the hunter, the game is equally as thrilling as playing the survivor. You are tasked with stopping all the survivors from escaping and need to prevent generator repairs, you just cannot let the survivors fully repair five of them, by kicking them and chasing survivors off of them. This is made harder as the FOV (field of vision) is different for the hunter. The survivors have a third person FOV that helps them see their surroundings better and the hunter has a first- person FOV, which limits their sight.

This game opened up an entire realm of opportunities for game developers to create online multiplayer games. It renewed the idea of it to make it less of a competition against the other players and made it more of a team effort where you have a plethora of characters to play as even some more famous ones like Lori Strode, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Heather Mason, Freddy Krueger, and many more. Even Steve and Nancy from “Stranger Things” were playable for a limited time. Just adding to the revolutionary game that is “Dead by Daylight.”

As it stands, this game earns 3/5 stars.