Top 10 favorite “Young Royals” quotes

Minor spoilers included!

Reagan White, Reporter

“Young Royals” season two is finally out! After almost two years, we are reunited with Simon and Wilhelm’s beautiful story. This season includes many parallel-connections to season one and they are heartbreaking.

10. Simon: “You don’t get it cuz you haven’t felt the consequences.” Simon and Willhelm get into an argument and Simon starts saying hurtful things to Wilhelm. Wilhelm has felt the consequences but Simon does not seem to understand that.

9. “Cozy.” Both Simon and Willhem say this but in different scenes with different people. In season one, Wilhelm checks out Simon’s room and says “Cozy.” In season two, Simon walks around Marcus’ room and says “Cozy.”

8. August: “We could murder someone, and no one would say a word.” This was said in season one. In season two, we can see that this is possible.

7. Simon: “We haven’t done anything wrong.” This scene showcases their sadness and fear in such a comforting way. This quote carries so much meaning with it. Being queer is looked at as if it’s a bad thing and what Simon says really shows what every queer person is thinking. There is nothing wrong with being queer but many people think the opposite. 

6. “I love you.” At the very last episode of season one, Wilhelm hugs Simon and whispers that he loves him. Simon did not respond and they went their separate ways. In the last episode of season two, Simon finally whispers that he loves Wilhelm and this was Wilhelm’s chance to say nothing but say everything at the same time.

5. Simon: “I just don’t understand why I can’t fall in love with him.” You are in love with Wilhelm not Marcus!

4. Wilhelm: “It was me in the video that leaked last term, the one with me and Simon.” Wilhelm is finally telling the world what he could not admit before. Wilhelm is in love with Simon and wants the world to know.

3. Wilhelm: “You’d wish that Malin could just ignore them. […] It’s not just coming from the outside. It’s her own fault too.” During this conversation between Simon and Wilhelm, they are using characters in a book to justify each other’s actions.

2. Felice: “Yeah, but it’s not just about some boy.” Sara crossed the line when falling in-love with August. Only a small group of people know what he did and both, Sara and Felice, are some of them. It’s not about the boy; it’s about what he did.

1. Sara: “Hi. I’d like to report a crime please.” Sara knows what August did was wrong and she is taking the step that is needed to get Simon and Wilhelm their justice.