Brilliant Blake

Freshman Blake Cook

Cameron Richards

Freshman Blake Cook

Cameron Richards, Reporter

Blake Cook was born on September 14, 2007, in Erie, PA, at Hamot Hospital. He grew up in Spartansburg, PA, which is southeast of Corry, PA. He currently attends Corry Area Middle-High School and he plays football for the Beavers. He also runs track and field for the school. He does not have any siblings, and he doesn’t want any.

Blake would want to attend Auburn, Michigan State, or Buffalo University, then pursue being a professional football player. If he could travel anywhere in the world he would like to travel to Puerto Rico because he feels like he has a connection to it.

His favorite song is “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. His favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club” because it’s just a good movie overall.

His spirit animal would be a gray wolf. Blake’s biggest pet peeve is when people talk too much, especially when they are told to stop. Blake’s favorite class is Mr. Potocki (first period) because Mr. Potocki is chill.

Some advice he would give to people is: “If you see yourself in a certain way today imagine what you will be in one year of hard work and dedication.”