Christmas is the top tier holiday


Christmas season means yummy food, pretty decorations, catchy songs, amazing movies, gift giving, family time, and so many more wonderful things. Out of all of the holidays, Christmas is just the best. The feeling during the Christmas season is incomparable, and nothing but great.

To me, the Christmas season begins in November. Christmas time starts just a little before Thanksgiving, but after Thanksgiving, it really is full mode Christmas. Holiday lights begin to be hung on houses, stores start to advertise Christmas displays, and everything starts. The snow falling really contributes to the festive feeling and mood. The day after Thanksgiving, it is a tradition for my family to go find the perfect tree, decorate it, and decorate the house. Not to mention Black Friday Christmas gift sales starting. All of this chaos happening within a few days is so exhilarating to me and gets me so excited.

There are many main components to the Christmas season that excited me the most and that makes this the best holiday. First of all, the amazing food eaten on Thanksgiving and Christmas is so good. The cookies, seasonal desserts, seasonal drinks are always wonderful. Every Christmas morning my family goes to my grandparents house for a big Christmas breakfast that also may persuade me to love the holiday food.

Another thing is the lights and decorations. Driving by houses full of lights, inflatables, large Christmas characters, and watching festive light shows are all so enjoyable.

Next is all of the songs that come with this fantastic holiday. There are many classics that almost everyone can sing along to and will have stuck in their head. The movies correlate with the same ideas of songs, there are so many well-known movies, some of the most popular movies are Christmas movies. They all display such a happy feeling of this holiday and some contain relatable situations people might be in during this time and can connect to.

The next happy quality to this time is the gift giving. This definitely stresses some people out, but when not stressful, finding and putting together gifts you know someone well enjoy is an indescribable feeling. Making someone happy and pleased with what you picked out for them is not just a mood booster for them, but also for you while watching them.

The last, and my favorite idea about this season is the family time. Getting together on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family; my parents, brother, aunts and uncles, cousin, and grandparents. We are all so close and so happy these days, always excited to play our Christmas games, laugh together, tell each other everything we got, and open more presents together.

Christmas is not about presents in any way, it is mostly about the spirit and joyful feelings you get. The overall universal happiness it gives everyone is unmatched. Christmas is the most reliable time of the year to provide joy. All of the things and ideas that come with Christmas makes it the best holiday ever.