It’s not enough to just go through the motions of life

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Most conflict stems from misunderstanding and a lack of thought. If more people just thought like me the world would be better. Unlike my last article, I don’t mean that in a selfish or satirical way. The last year or so of my life has been such a blessed span of time and I can guarantee that my joy will continue into the future. Even if nothing goes my way, I have an unalienable spirit that cannot be crushed. Strength and clarity of mind are aspects of self that many people don’t spend time working on, but they should. 

Silence is your friend

According to, most English speakers start to feel awkward when the pause between words or phrases becomes greater than about four seconds. Might your brain work in the same way? How long can you tolerate that gap of mental silence before you start feeling antsy? I know that in the past when I had time to myself, I would get comfortable and watch TikTok until some external force prompted me to get up again. In your busy life, do you waste the little time you get for yourself? It’s all right to not always be on “go mode;” in fact, it’s actually healthy. The stress we face as modern people is tough enough to deal with, so why would you waste your time for rest and growth doing something numbing? 

Silence is your friend. If only more people understood this. Take control of those times when you have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Dig deep within yourself, and understand the way you think. That’s definitely easier said than done, but even a little self-reflection can go a long way. Whether you reflect through a physical journal, prayer, or a conversation with yourself, try and make it a habit. After just a few weeks of conscious effort, you’ll be able to clearly lay out your feelings and personal goals, allowing you to obtain a clear picture of who you truly are and how to achieve the things you want. You’re in control of your life, you’re more powerful than you think. Why don’t more people act this way? 

Your irritability is wasting your potential 

   “Even in the midst of all that is unjust, terrifying and evil

    Love still reigns supremе and conquers hate

   So do not dwell in angеr

  Enjoy life on this spaceship Earth and do great work”

The quote above is from the intro to the song, “Shadow’s Shield,” by Navy Blue. These words are spoken to the artist by his mother in the form of a message left on an answering machine. I think what she says holds tremendous power. Do not dwell in anger! So many people are irritated from minor inconveniences, this is a waste of your time. You’re clipping your own wings if you get annoyed with stupid, transient matters. People get angry way too fast. If only more took time to think before making up their minds. In seconds you can make a simple self-check to make sure your irritation is placed in reason. How will you be able to handle the big, scary problems that will inevitably come up in your life when you can’t handle someone chewing too loudly or walking too slowly? 

Your worst enemy is yourself 

“I can’t change.”

These three simple words will kill your character. I just don’t get how more people don’t care about the effects negative self-talk will have on them. High school is such an interesting place to be. Here before my peers, ranging from all different ages, backgrounds, and maturity levels. This is probably the same way the adult world is, but I feel in high school this diversity is heightened and more easily distinguished. Teens and adults alike must realize that, sometimes, the only thing stopping them from achieving what they want is themselves. Don’t get in your own way. Happiness is only one mindset away. 

I don’t mean to put myself above anyone else. I hope you understand that is not my intention. I’m just offering up some opinions about the flawed ways people miserably exist. That sounds harsh, because it is. There is potential for wonder in every person, it is achievable. For me, it is not enough to live in a mentally sluggish state. Maybe you don’t have the same standards? Maybe you’re ok with that? In my opinion, life must be more than simply going through the motions– there has to be something more. That something more comes from within. 

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