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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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My ‘yeses’ and ‘nos’ in current fashion

My yeses and nos in current fashion

Before reading this, know that people can wear whatever they want to express themselves. Do not be persuaded one way or another from my opinion. Anyways, here is what I love and hate in recent fashion.


Off-the-shoulder tops

I absolutely love off-the-shoulder tops. I think they’re so cute and stylish. My favorites are off-the-shoulder crewnecks.


I love seeing bows in people’s hair or occasionally wearing them in an outfit. I think it’s so cute and girly. I am so glad that this became a trend and many people have done it.

Mid-rise and low-waisted pants

I used to be a big fan of high waisted everything but recently I’ve come to love mid and low-rise pants. Especially, when it comes to jeans I just think high-rise does not flatter everyone, including myself, as much as mid or low-rise jeans. Though I tend to gravitate towards mid-rise, I love to see someone rock the low waisted pants look.

Wide legged pants

It could be leggings or sweatpants: I love wide legged pants. I find them so much more comfier than regular pants, and I think they look pretty good, too.


Uggs are so cozy and warm. They go with any outfit and make a nice addition to winter fashion.

Cargo pants

I was skeptical of cargo pants when the trend first rolled around, but they eventually grew on me. They’re really nice for when you want to dress nice but don’t want to wear jeans. All the different colors to wear make them fun.


Wearing sneakers or converse with dresses

I really don’t like when people show up to a dance wearing a gorgeous dress, a face of beautiful makeup, and very pretty jewelry, just to ruin it with everyday sneakers. This is definitely one of my pet peeves.

Wearing pajama pants to school

I don’t like when people wear these to school because I think it just seems so lazy. I’m all for dressing comfy over dressy but not to the point of wearing pajamas to school. Save it for a spirit day.


Some people can actually pull off camo and I like it, but a lot of times I don’t like camo for an outfit. It just doesn’t work for me.

Skinny jeans with too many holes

A lot of people don’t like skinny jeans anymore, but I think they can still be a good closet staple as long as there aren’t too many holes. When there’re a ton of holes in the jeans, it just looks kind of weird and unnatural.

Over-dramatic platform shoes

I like platform converse but some other platforms just look funny to me. Most of the time it is just unneeded.

Mom jeans

I’m not a fan of mom jeans because I feel like they are so hard to make flattering. In my personal experience I found it very hard to find a pair that fits right.



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Kenzie Knight
Kenzie Knight, Reporter
Kenzie Knight is a freshman first-year reporter for the Corry Beaver Tales student newspaper. When she is not writing and working on the newspaper, Kenzie enjoys dancing, cheering, and hanging out with friends.