Cup o’ Joe brings coffee back to Corry

Coffee champions warm the hearts and stomachs of faculty


Nothing could possibly wake teachers up better than a piping hot cup of coffee, and recently Corry Area High School has been deprived of it. Thankfully this shortage is finally being replenished by our local Cup o’ Joe crew who has returned to graciously provide caffeine to all of the teachers who have been craving it.

Throughout the mornings, the lovely Cup o’ Joe staff will be bravely traversing the halls and delivering the rich, warm cups of coffee to our staff. If you see any of these generous students working to give back to the teachers, give them a greeting almost as warm as their coffee.

Self-proclaimed caffeine addict and Cup o’ Joe super fan, Mr. Woods, shares his hot takes on this small business. “Delicious, I’m their biggest fan,” Woods said. “They’re super friendly and care about their customers and always say please and thank you. They work hard to make sure you get what you ordered. It’s a great opportunity to do what school is supposed to do: get you ready for the real world. And, Mrs. Carney makes the best lattes.”

Mr. Woods’ statement shows just how incredible our local coffee brewers are and he is and will remain excited for the crew to show up at his room during second period every day.

The only way to get the strongest information about Cup o’ Joe is to talk to the crew. Mrs. Wojcicehowski (Mrs. W) and Mrs. Nosel shared the ‘tea’ about this program and about their experience with it.

Mrs. W has been running this program for seven or eight years and explained that Cup o’ Joe helps the kids build job resumes and letters of recommendation, and that it pays for the kids to go into the community. She also loves the hot chocolate they make.

Working for a solid two weeks, Mrs. Nosel has been helping the students and Mrs. W deliver coffee to everyone in need. To her, the best part of the job is watching the kids learn job skills and interact with other teachers.

Unlike these two wonderful teachers, all of the hardworking students agreed to a favorite part of the job: delivering coffee to all of their friends. But these employees adore every part of the job because it is extremely rewarding to them. While they care for each of their customers, their favorite stops are Mr. Woods’ room, Mrs. Toplovich, Mrs. Crumb, and Mrs. Beckwith.

Cup o’ Joe is an incredible experience for all of these kids and they all adore it, so please show some gratefulness and share pleasantries with these dedicated workers.