The Beatles is one of the most known bands in history. They are considered monumental to how music has been shaped and is made today. This makes for a plethora of enjoyable songs. The Corry Area Middle-High School would like to share a few favorites:

Mrs. Reynolds – “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”

Cooper Yatsko – “Twist and Shout”

Mrs. Lyngarkos – “Yesterday”

Mr. Woods – “Yellow Submarine”/ “Hey Jude”

Lakota Donaldson – “Hey Jude”

Haylee Brewer – “Hey Jude”

Mr. McCray – “Penny Lane”

Mr. Daniels – “Yellow Submarine”

Mrs. Dow – “Let it Be”

Mrs. C – “Yesterday”

Mrs. Boggart – “Hey Jude”

Ruthie Light – “Penny Lane”/ “Long and Winding Road”/ “Something”

Emma Smith – “Here Comes the Sun”

Mrs. Brown – “Let it Be”

Sky Messenger – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (“Come Together”)

Cooper Slocum – “The one where they walking on the crosswalk xoxo” (“Abbey Road Album”)

Mr. Carney – “Let it Be”

Joseph Johnston – “The one that you played in your car that one time.” (“Lady Madonna”)

Mr. Bouna¬† – “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da”/”Hey Jude”/”Hide Your Love Away”(John Lennon)

Ms. Davies – “Yellow Submarine”

Hunter LaSalvia – “Hey Jude”

Baylee Smith – “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Kieran Graves – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Marcus Lambert – “Here Comes the Sun”

Lauren Thomas – “Yesterday”

Kendall Passinger – “Get Back”/”Oh! Darling”

Mr. McBriar – “Across the Universe”