A sudden chill covers Corry school


Alivia Burger, Reporter

Staff and students alike are trying to hide from the chill running through the high school halls. An email has been sent out to inform people that due to construction, the school will remain colder than normal. This has been a shock to many people as it is finally warming up in this alley of Pennsylvania.

“I love how I can bundle, but I hate that it’s harder to move my fingers,” said Baylee Smith in reference to the chill and how it affects her playing in guitar lab.

“I do not like it, I want to wear shorts and dress cute,” said Kieran Graves.

“I’m frustrated… it’s warm outside but cold inside,” Cooper Slocum answered. “I feel pulled in two directions. Do I dress warm or cold? We need something to be done about this, it is controversial.”

“I’m not a fan, I’m anemic and it makes me even colder,” Ms. Pound said.

“So many emotions and some despair,” Mr. Potocki said. “Everyone is tired, worn out, and having it suddenly freezing is distressing this late in the year.”

“The living conditions in this school are getting worse,” said Joseph Johnston.

Students and staff have been upset by the need to layer during the school day only to leave and enter a sweltering heat outside. Some kids have even gone as far as strictly disobeying the no blanket rule in order to keep some warmth. This chill is predicted to last for the last few weeks of school.