Mock crash sends powerful message to Corry students

Luke Hurd being strapped to a stretcher after collapsing during the mock crash
Luke Hurd being strapped to a stretcher after collapsing during the mock crash
Ms. Janelle Turk

On Wednesday, high school students involved with Safeline performed in a mock crash scene to inform classmates on the dangers of driving while distracted and under the influence.

Before the scene started, there was a video put together that students would watch in their classrooms each day leading up to the mock accident. Students watched as everybody in the video was having a grand old time, getting dressed up, taking pictures, and dancing at prom. In the final installment of the video, the students end up at a party where alcoholic intoxication takes place, followed by multiple people getting in two cars that would end up in a fatal crash. 

Grades 10 – 12 were moved out to the front of the school, where the mock crash would take place. Tarps were removed from the scene to reveal two crumbled cars and the body of Emmalee Carr lying on the pavement. Micaiah Pike then stumbled out of the vehicle to discover the body, quickly dialing 911. From the other car, Austin Nickerson emerged in a distressed manner, and Luke Hurd followed but soon collapsed to the ground. Suddenly, the sound of sirens surfaced as ambulances and firetrucks quickly appeared arriving in the distance. 

In full uniform, firefighters sprung from their truck rushing to the scene, having some of Corry’s students involved with the fire department, such as Landon Hasbrouck and Gavin Greer. The first responders made the situation seem all the more real with equipment and serious actions taken with the injured and intoxicated. Car windows were broken, metal was peeled, and gurneys were strapped to the injured. It was definitely chilling to see the lengths that it takes to get out of a mangled vehicle. 

It took around 20 minutes for the entire scene to play out. Multiple situations occurred at the same time. To the left, firefighters would be sawing through doors, while to the right, Hunter LaSalvia would be failing a sobriety test and getting handcuffed. An even more chilling moment was when they put Emmalee Carr in the body bag and loaded her into a hearse. Having students that people knew going through these horrific accidents was intended to put the dangers into perspective for the student body. 

The Safeline performers did a really great job at staying in character and taking the situation seriously, despite being teased by some of the first responders. With hope, in years to come it is as impactful as it was this prom season. It is very important to remember the dangers of the road in times like this.

Mrs. Audet handed out forms called a Prom Promise, where students would pledge that they would be safe on prom night. hopefully inspiring many to do so.

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