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Impactful English teacher retires

Ms. Beebe heads into retirement after 31 years of educating
Mrs. Beebe heads into retirement after 31 years of teaching

Corry Middle School 7-8th grade English teacher Barbara Beebe is heading into retirement. Beebe announced her retirement just this year; she’s been an English teacher for 31 years covering reading, writing, and grammar for seventh graders. She started teaching in the Corry district back in the 90s, starting off in the 1993-94 school year.

Beebe has taught multiple grades at the high school/middle school level in the Corry School District, but her subject always stays the same, which is English. During her first year she taught seventh, 10th, and 11th grade. Sometime in her career she also taught a ninth grade class. After that, she went on to teach 7th and 8th grade until her retirement.

Beebe chose to teach the subject English in specific because she loves when students perceive learning a concept or skill as too difficult, but they are so proud of themselves when they conquer the challenge. She also loves that she can learn so much about her students through their writing and their reading choices.
Beebe describes her journey as a teacher over the years to be kind of like a roller coaster ride, but her overall experience has been memorable and happy. The ways of education and teaching have evolved a lot over the years, the changes that Beebe has seen in the course of her teaching career are along the lines of how teaching really is now. She states that there used to be a big emphasis on teaching students what they need to know to survive in the real world, but now teaching has shifted the focus to preparing students for standardized tests.

When it comes to her retirement she is most excited to spend more time with her family and friends. She also wants to grow her photography business and travel. Her photography business is called Be Inspired Photography by Barb. She started taking photos as a seventh grader when her school had a weekly club day and she’s taken photos ever since. She really started getting into photography back in 2018 when people started paying her professionally. Her love for the creativity of photography is what led her to pursue it, and she is looking forward to learning more and capturing memories for friends and family.

When it comes to her favorite part of teaching Beebe says, “My favorite part of teaching is the ‘aha moment’ when a student realizes that he/she knows someone or can actually accomplish something. I also really like the bonds that I have formed with former students– I love to see that they have become successful adults.”

Over her years at Corry High, Ms. Beebe has made a huge impact on many around her from teachers, administrators, and students. Middle School Principal Lee Swartzfager said, “Ms. Beebe has been a valuable asset to not only our school but our community for her entire career. There are a multitude of adults within the community who mention her positive impact on their lives. It has been evident in working with Ms. Beebe that she never lost her spark and love for educating students, as she was continually improving her strategies, even up to the end of her career. The Corry faculty and staff congratulate her and wish her well in her retirement.”

Fellow educator sixth grade teacher Julie Brundage said, “She will be missed because she’s made huge impacts on students over the years. She’s really gotten kids to love reading a good book.”

Two seventh grade students from her class have truly been affected by her kindness and teaching. Jahmera Boone said, “She’s a very nice and endearing person who puts a lot into making her students good people. She’s also very sweet.”

“She always does her best to make sure everyone understands,” Morgan Holby said. “She also checks in on you if you’re having a bad day.”









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