Courageous Soul: Cooper Slocum

Courageous Soul: Cooper Slocum

Alivia Burger, Reporter

On February 6, 2006, the world was blessed with a new bouncy baby boy: Cooper Slocum. And he was not alone, he had company. His twin brother Carter was born two minutes before him. “Carter came out first, he is the bigger baby,” said Slocum.

During this historic moment in time, a tyrannical winter storm hit, which is symbolic as it “foreshadowed” the rest of Slocum’s life. His life started in a quaint house in Titusville, which is now abandoned, as the complacent family had to flee to Corry, which worked better for them in the long run as Mrs. Slocum worked in the similarly abandoned Conway School.

Now, Cooper blesses the hallways of Corry Area Middle High School and spends a majority of his time there with all of his extracurricular activities. He is a star in many of the school’s theater productions and he enjoys going to other high schools to watch the productions they put on there. Slocum enjoys “comparing the talent” of the schools to ours and claims “we are winning but McDowell is up there.”  

Always the generous soul, Cooper Slocum has been; when he was the president of the junior class he would do volunteer work and help out in the community. He left his office with zero votes for him to stay. “I didn’t even vote for myself, I was so done,” said Slocum. The next decision for Cooper was to strike to his roots and continue on with his life with some of his favorite things, like honors choir and thrifting. Unfortunately for Cooper, “They [the thrift stores] have been lacking lately.” 

Another major part of Slocum’s life is watching Instagram reels of guinea pigs. He also mentioned that he tried ukulele, drawing, and gardening but they all fell through. A retired hobby of his is bike riding, as now he has his drivers license and can cruise in his free time. One of his civil duties includes entertaining his fans on his private story because he needs to document his life for his viewers as they could not cope without knowing he is happy and healthy. They also need to be aware of what challenges he is facing so they can revolt and take down any threat to his happiness.