Corry senior ties school record for goals in a single game

Devin Graham scores 6 goals in one game.

Senior Devin Graham recently tied the school record for goals in a single game in a win against Oil City.

Graham’s six goals were more than enough to beat the Oilers by itself, but two more goals were tacked on for a final score of 8-0. This was the first win of the Beavers season, but it was a good one. Now Graham and his team are looking to turn the tides of their season and have more games like this one.

I asked Graham how he felt prior to the game,”Excited because I knew this was one of our chances to win. I was pumped up.” I was curious to see how this effected the confidence of the team, and Graham said, “I think it helped us calm down. We have a young team, and now they can relax and play. It was fun to win.”

Graham is only one of two seniors on the team this year, with their starting lineup mostly made up of sophomores. My next question for Graham was about how he is enjoying his senior season. “It’s going well. It’s good to see our team improve as we go on. It’s encouraging.”

I asked Devin if there are any standout hard workers on the team other than him, he responded with, “Ryan Webb and Carter Linden. Ryan and I put a lot of work in together this summer, and Carter worked more solo. Both have been putting in the work and have been a huge part of the teams success.”

Lastly I asked Graham about his future plans after high school. “I am planning on going to college, but I’m not sure where or what I’m going to study. ”

Graham and the Beavers have a lot of games left in the season. They will hope to recreate this game, and keep on their winning ways.