Bryce Harper returns

Superstar Bryce Harper returns into the Phillies’ lineup after Tommy John Surgery

Bryce Harper returns

Jonathan Albers, Editor

Philadelphia’s captain and 2x MVP Bryce Harper finally returns.

The reigning NL Champions finally get their star back. Harper tore his UCL on May 12, 2022. Though he wasn’t able to play the field, the newly implemented NL DH allowed him to play for the rest of the season.

Playing with an injury to this degree isĀ  very impressive, but how fast he came back from his injury is even more impressive. Harper recovered faster than any other player has from a Tommy John surgery. It took Harper 163 days to play after his surgery. It usually takes athletes around 8-9 months to return to in game action, which is 273 days. More than 100 days faster than expected.

Harper’s incredibly hasty recovery shows his commitment to his team. Harper made sure he was back as soon as possible to help his team win, and he may spark this struggling Phillies team.