Meet new Vice Principal Ms. Brown

MaKenna Moore

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MaKenna Moore

New Assistant Principal Ms. Brown

This 2022 school year Corry Middle-High School has a new Assistant Principal and her name is Ms. Brown. Before this job at Corry High, Ms. Brown was a fourth grade math teacher for 20 years.

Ms. Brown was born and raised in Harbor Creek, and she’s a husky alumni. She attended Gannon University for her undergrad, and Mercyhurst University for her master’s and principal papers. Her family consists of two sons whose names are Mathew, who is her oldest. Matthew is 20 years old, plus he’s in the Air Force. Her second son is her youngest, his name is Lance, and he’s 16 years old. Both boys attend Harbor Creek High School. She has two dogs and their names are Bentley and Lola.

Being at a new school even as faculty can be scary and intimidating. When asked, “What are you enjoying most about being here?” Brown replied that the people here are just so kind and wonderful. She said that the staff here is just so nice and welcoming. She compared the heart-warming atmosphere to home.

When asked, “What made you want this job?” Ms. Brown said that she wanted a change in her life. She loved teaching math at North East, but after 20 years it was just the same thing over and over again. She wanted a challenge, and a change in her everyday routine. She also wanted to deal with an older age group when it comes to being in the education field. When asked what her favorite subject in school was, Ms. Brown said that it was science, and it was more an anatomy type of science because she loved when they would dissect animals and learn about their bodies. 

When asked what her dream career was as a child she said that she had wanted to do something with mortuary science, which consisted of being a funeral director and taking care of the deceased bodies. Her favorite book is the same as her favorite movie which is “Where the Crawdads Sing.” In her free time Ms. Brown enjoys working outside, walking her dogs, and redoing her furniture. Her dream vacation would be to go to Turks and Caicos. When asked what her favorite quote is she replied, “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”