Top ten Harry Styles songs


Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Harry Styles is a huge celebrity at the moment. He has been busy producing music, touring the world, and starring in movies, all in this last year. His career started in 2010, when he auditioned for the British talent show, The X-Factor. He then was put in a group with four other males who also auditioned, who were known as One Direction. They blew up, toured all over the globe four times, produced five studio albums, and six years later the band went on a hiatus. The hiatus was promised to only last eighteen months, but the band has yet to return. This then started Style’s solo music career. Out of his many amazing songs, here are my top ten favorites.

10. “Ever Since New York,” from Harry’s debut album. Although this is tenth on the list, it is still an amazing song with a very deep meaning. This song is about Harry’s step father, Robin Twist, who passed away from cancer in 2017. Harry was in New York when he heard the news of Robin’s cancer, hence the song title. The song is not only a touching piece, but can be sadly relatable for some.

9. “Canyon Moon,” from Harry’s second studio album titled Fine Line. This song has no certain, confirmed meaning. There are some strong conspiracies made that this song was about a significant other of his, and how he misses their “time under the canyon moon.” This song is upbeat, catchy, and super fun to sing along to.

8. “Sunflower Vol. 6,” is another from Fine Line. To me this song has the same type of feeling as “Canyon Moon” does. Like I said, very catchy. This song is high energy and the lyrics are amazing. Harry makes comical sounds in the song also, which are funny and enjoyable to listen to, as well as sing. I experienced him perform this song live in concert, and the energy everyone in the arena was giving made it an even better song.

7. “Falling,” also from Fine Line. I think everyone can agree that this song is pretty emotional. Harry’s voice in this song specifically is so insanely powerful and strong. The lyrics of this piece tells such a great story, about how he lost someone he loves and he is blaming it on himself. This is a slower paced song, but still so amazing.

6. “Matilda,” from his album Harry’s House just released in May of 2022. This entire album was most definitely his best. The order of these top six spots were a fight between songs all from this album.¬† This song specifically can be very relatable to people who may have experienced being left out or mistreated by their own family. Harry’s vocals in the bridge of the song are incredible, and his vocal range is unbelievable.

5. “Grapejuice,” also on Harry’s House. This¬† is more of a classical song, which is different for him. Despite a new style, it is wonderful, as if he’s been making songs like these forever. This is a love song, stating “there’s just no getting through the grapejuice blues,” “without you.” He is explaining how he needs this person in order to get through his life. If you are in love, the song will mean even more to you. “There’s never been someone who’s so perfect for me,” shows just how in love he is.

4. “Daylight,” once again, comes from Harry’s House. Another love song, another great song. The chorus of this is so sweet and warming to my heart, it is hard to even explain how it makes me feel. The tune of this song, the happiness it radiates, is all so fascinating. “If I was a blue bird, I would fly to you, you be the spoon, dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you,” his love for this person has to be so strong to even come up with these types of lyrics.

3. “Satellite,” from Harry’s House. The beat of this song is also different from most other songs he has created, nevertheless still fantastic. This has been one of his biggest hits on his new album. Some fans even claim they love it so much because it reminds them of a song that One Direction would put out. This statement is agreeable in my opinion. The main vocals, background vocals, everything sounds so perfect and was sung flawlessly. The lyrics are also impossible to get out of your head and to stop singing. Overall, this song really deserves to be ranked top three of his entire discography.

2.”Keep Driving,” from Harry’s House. This song does not have an obvious meaning behind it, other than to just keep going through life no matter what. The song is so good, even though the lyrics are really just so random. “Black and white film camera, yellow sun glasses. Ashtray, swimming pool. Hot wax, jump off the roof.” Anyone can admit these lyrics are almost entirely random, not verbally telling any story. Even though the lyrics are nonsense to some, the beat of the song, the tunes, the lyrics, are all so nice to listen and sing along to. The bridge of this song is one of the best song bridges I have ever heard, despite the random, crazy lyrics.

1. “Little Freak,” also from Harry’s House. This is simply in the top five songs I have ever heard. This song is so meaningful, a love song. Him loving this person, but trying to get over them and love them from a distance. “I was thinking about who you are. Your delicate point of view, I was thinking about you. I’m not worried about where you are, or who you will go home to, I’m just thinking about you.” From the second the song begins, to right when it ends, everything sounds so great. His voice sounds the best it has ever sounded in this song, it displays his vocals beautifully. It is almost hard for me to even put into words how amazing it is, just listening to the song can explain everything.