Top 10 all-time Madden games

Top 10 all-time Madden games

Trent Williams, Reporter

10. Madden ’13 – I never really played this Madden, but they integrated ball speed and ball trajectories.

9. Madden ’22 – In my opinion, this is one of the worst Madden games of all time. The mode Superstar KO, was the same as every other year. The passing was bad, you threw it straight to the defensive backs.

8 Madden ’18 – In 18, Madden Ultimate Team Squads came out. It’s where three people can combine their squads and go against another trio. This is one of my favorite modes in this Madden.

7. Madden ’20 – I liked it since they added superstar factors and x factors to select players. This madden came out on June 14, 2019.

6.¬† Madden ’04 – This is my first video games I played. I grew up playing this game as a kid on the Playstation 2. It won VGX Award for the Game Of The Year.

5. Madden ’12, This is my first madden I got on the Playstation 3. They made several improvements on the game including¬† 3d grass, and pylon and ball physics which made this video game better to play.

4.¬† Madden ’21, A new mode got added in this madden which is called ” The Yard”. The Yard is a mode in which each team is controlled by one, two, or three players. They have control over there own unique avatar.

3. Madden ’23- This madden just came out on August 19, 2022. EA Sports added the all new FIELDSENSE, which equips players with more control at every position. They also added Field Pass, which gives you rewards such as packs, and coins.

2.Madden Mobile – This game is so great because of its availability, You can play this madden anywhere. You can also play this game on IOS, and Android.

1.Madden ’15 – This was the Madden I played the most on the Playstation 3. This Madden came out on August 26, 2014. In this Madden they also added Gauntlet. This is a mode where you test your skills in a series of challenges.