Top ten Johnny Depp movies


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Johnny Depp is an icon from the time he hit the spotlight in the mid-’80s starring in the famous horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” that came out in 1984 causing Johnny to rise to fame for his excellent acting and good looks. He was a teenage heartthrob in the ’90s taking over television. His acting skills were impeccable, causing Depp to partake in many of the films by a major film director Tim Burton. Johnny was in at least eight films. Johnny Depp has been in many amazing movies that are legendary. He is big in the film industry, and known for many famous films. Depp has been in at least 84 films! Some of his films standout more than others, and now I will be you telling you the top ten Johnny Depp films.

10. Dark Shadows: (2012)

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street: (1984)

8. What Eating Gilbert’s Grapes: (1993)

7. Sweeney Todd: (2007)

6. The Corpse Bride: (2005)

5. Sleepy Hollow: (1999)

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest: (2006)

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: (2005)

2. Edward Scissorhands: (1990)

1. Alice in Wonderland: (2010)