Top ten favorite places to eat

Cameron Brown, Reporter

There are so many places where people like to eat, including buffets, take outs, and even dine-ins. There are many delicious places to eat, and I will give you my top ten favorites:

10. Fat Monn’s Grub (Corry, PA)

9. The Dinner Bell (Frewsburg, NY)

8. New Beginnings (Sugar Grove, PA)

7. Gigi’s Route 6 Diner (Corry, PA)

6. Sakura Buffet (Lakewood, NY)

5. Golden Corral (Erie, PA)

4. Sonic (Erie, PA)

3.  Fifties (Jamestown, NY)

2. Tasta Pizza (Falconer, NY)

1.  Phil-N-Cindy’s (Jamestown, NY)