Jazzy Jasmine


Ariana Gilger, Reporter

Today I am here to introduce Jasmine Chandler to help you get to know her better. I asked Jasmine 13 questions.

When I asked Jazz when her birthday was, she said November 4, 2009.  Jasmine enjoys playing in mud, swimming in ponds, and has a passion for art, which is her dream career. When asked what her dream vacation is, Jazz said “To go and see a Bad Boy concert.”

Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite person is her dad, her favorite season is fall, and her favorite holiday is Halloween. I asked Jazz what her favorite book is and she said, “Kizzy Anne Stamps.” In school, Jasmine’s favorite subject is ELA and her favorite song is “Hit Em Up” by Tupac Shakur. Out of everywhere on earth, Jazz’s favorite place to be is with her brothers.