Top ten spring Squishmellows!

Cinnamon Earls, Reporter

Because of my love for squishmellows and collecting them, I wanted to share my cutest finds of spring/Easter Squishmellows! The spring/Easter squishmellows are bright-colored, cute, and come in many different styles and animals. The most common animals I’m seeing are chicks, birds, bunnies, cows, and so many others!

1. Sophie the Lamb

2. Belena the Cow

3. Charity the Chicken

4. Daska the Duck with Bunny Ears

5. Rosie the Pig

6. Barb the Dog (I personally own this one in the biggest size! Don’t think she’s part of the spring/Easter Squishmellows but she’s still rather amazing)

7. Elodia the Squid

8. Cedrick the Chick

9. Aimee the Chick with bunny ears

10. Walker the Goat