Wonderful Miss Wojcicehowski


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

Miss Wojcicehowski is a life skills teacher at Corry Area High School. She actually grew up here in Corry, Pennsylvania and attended this same high school; though, she graduated from Edinboro University.

Wojcicehowski says she got into the job she has now because she always dreamed of being a teacher and wanted to stay in her hometown. Her interests/hobbies include the fact that she’s a canine handler and has a three-year-old German Shepherd that specializes with human remains in land, water, and crime scenes.

Beside that, she’s also a bee keeper. Speaking of animals, Wojcicehowski says that if she were to align her personality with one, it would probably be a koala.

When asked for a piece advice she would give her readers right now, she answered: “Pursue your passions, work hard, and character matters.” She’s surely a fantastic and intriguing individual and teacher.