My first vacation


Jennica Chase, Reporter

Have you ever been on vacation? For some families it might be a normal thing. Well, I went on my first vacation the summer of 2021.

It was the night before we left. We had to leave at three in the morning just so we could get there at 3 pm. Well, we didn’t end up leaving until 4 am. Once we got on the road, my parents had to stop at every gas station. As a person who doesn’t travel anywhere, the sights were absolutely amazing. I saw mountains, clouds, and rivers. We didn’t end up getting there until almost 6 pm. We got the key to our condo and went to unpack.

When we got to the condo we unpacked and the first thing we did was go to the beach. We were in walking distance of the beach so the whole Fourth of July week we were at the beach. I ended up getting so sun burnt I was swollen. One of the days we went to Ripley’s Aquarium and it was a blast. The power went out a lot because of the hurricane.

After a week of fun and sunburns we finally headed home. On my way home I was looking at pictures of the entire week and I just wanted to go back. After a 12 hour drive back we finally got home. It was around 5 am and we were all exhausted. The rest of the summer I had tan lines and good memories.